The Vape Boss’s goal is to eliminate the use of cigarettes around the globe. We recognize how harmful smoking cigarettes is to our health, which is why we offer a wide selection of e-juice flavors and designs to help you transition easily. Vapes are a unique alternative that not only tastes better, but is also a better solution for smokers.

We deliver exquisite flavors through technology. Not only are our products easy to use, but provides equal satisfaction to meet the necessaries of smokers who are looking to switch from smoking cigarettes.

E-cigarettes, a.k.a. vapes are vaporizers that provide regularized temperature control and use e-juice formation that includes vegetable glycol, propylene Glycol, strong fruity scent, extracts of various flavors, and nicotine (which can increase health risk factors). These ingredients allow users to experience the same sensation of smoking but without using cigarettes that come with strong odor and ashes.


We treat each and every one of our customers with the utmost respect, because we understand that a lot of people are nervous when it comes to quitting smoking cigarettes. This is why we are here to help you make the transition easier with a unique variety of products at our disposal. Our representatives understand the requirement of our customers and help them by providing simple guidelines to vaping.


We believe in giving our customers priority by always putting their needs and satisfaction first. Don’t worry if you’re new to vaping. Our salesmen are highly experienced and knowledgeable about e-cigarettes and are ready to assist you 24/7 regarding any inquires that you may have.